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Posted by Miriam Dushane on 8.9.2017

Albany Area Continues to be a Tech Job HOT Spot

Albany ranked 4th among hottest cities for tech growth.


Recent National Ranking and the Linium Hiring Index Show Strong Growth in Tech Jobs

Recently, Kristen Bahler wrote an article for Money magazine featuring the 20 Hottest Cities for Tech Jobs Now. The report was sourced from job search site ZipRecruiter’s database of more than 8 million active jobs and showed how tech job seekers are branching out from the west coast to find tech jobs in a number of cities across the U.S.

Albany, NY was ranked #4 in this list. This is exciting not just for us recruiters to see, but for the entire Tech Valley region. It validates the work that has been done to put the region on the map when it comes to offering high-tech jobs at excellent companies where the skill set of IT professionals is valued.

Albany is a high tech leader

It also aligns perfectly with the results of the 2017 Linium Hiring Index summer edition results. We continue to see strong growth around the availability of IT jobs in the region. In fact, 56% of survey respondents identified IT jobs as offering the fastest-growing technology job opportunities, up from 46% in both the previous quarter and a year ago. 

For only the second time in 2 years, the need to fill infrastructure positions increased to 44%, the demand for security skills appears to be driving this increase not surprisingly with the rash of cyber attacks making headlines around the world earlier this summer. These types of jobs outpaced the need for development positions for web, software and applications, at 41%, and are up from 34% last year.

Information Technology GrowthDemand in the IT field


In terms of hiring, nearly half of HR managers, 49%, expect to add tech-based jobs during the third quarter, consistent with the previous quarter and last year. Optimism is still at greater than 80% that the high-tech sector is growing and the continued economic momentum could play a big role in the region’s expansion.

Technology-based job growthEmployer mood for the next year

This is great news, but our ongoing challenge is attracting and enticing the skilled IT professionals to fill high-tech positions. 66% of hiring managers characterized recruiting for tech positions as a significant challenge or challenging. And for the 8th consecutive survey, the skills gap was identified as the biggest impediment to hiring, increasing from 31% last quarter to 42% this quarter.

High skill employees.Skills gap


At Linium, we are committed to helping hiring managers overcome these challenges. Our team of recruiters works closely with our clients to close this skill gap and find the tech professionals to grow and expand our high-tech sector. Evidenced by our 90 IT placements made in the region in the past year, we are helping employers think outside the resume and consider many factors such as aptitude, character and culture.As a region, we also need to embrace making the investment in attracting candidates to the region.


More about the 2017 Linium Hiring Index Summer Survey

The Linium Hiring Index gives companies unique insight into the Capital Region’s technology job markets. Hiring managers use it to help develop strategies to recruit and retain a highly skilled workforce.

Conducted from June 13 through July 14, 2017, 61% of survey responses came from companies with 100 or fewer employees, with 39% from firms with more than 100 employees. The next quarterly index will be released in October 2017.  


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