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Posted by Miranda March on 8.11.2017

Linium Loop: Tech Jobs, Procrastination, Social Anxiety and more


The Linium Loop for August 11th, 2017


The Linium Loop is our weekly roundup column focused on all things going on in the world of recruiting, job placement, and search. Think of it as your weekly briefing—a handy, quick guide to what's going on. Here's what's happening this week:  


Albany Job Market

 Albany Area Continues to be a Tech Job HOT Spot

By: Miriam Dushane via Linium Recruiting – Smart Search Blog

Recent national ranking and the Linium Hiring Index show strong growth in tech jobs. Recently, Kristen Bahler wrote an article for Money magazine featuring the 20 Hottest Cities for Tech Jobs Now. The report was sourced from job search site ZipRecruiter’s database of more than 8 million active jobs... 



Middle Wage Job Gap

The U.S. Is Expected to Add Jobs, but Middle-Wage Employment Will Continue to Fall 

Via CareerBuilder News Release

Based on extensive analysis of historical and current labor market trends, approximately 8.2 million jobs will be added in the U.S. from 2017 to 2022 while 302,930 will be lost—for a net total of 7.9 million new jobs over this time period (or 5% growth), according to ASA corporate partner CareerBuilder.



Good and bad procrastination

A leading procrastination expert reveals which personality types tend to put stuff off

By: Chris Weller via Business Insider

Everyone procrastinates a little, but according to psychologist Tim Pychyl, some personality types are more likely to put stuff off. If you're impulsive, disorganized, or consider yourself a perfectionist, Pychyl says you might not be knocking out tasks in a timely fashion.



Prepare for career jump

How To Prepare For Your Dream Career While You’re In The Job You Have Now

By: Gwen Moran via Fast Company

Build the resume for the job you want by taking a strategic approach and using the resources in the job you’re in now. Whether you’re in an entry-level gig that’s going nowhere, a mid-level manager whose career has stalled, or stuck in an industry you hate, you can make it better by building the skills you need to get out…



How successful people spend weekends

How Successful People Spend Their Weekends

By: Travis Bradberry via Forbes

As co-founder of and CEO of Zillow for the last seven years, 39-year-old Spencer Rascoff fits most people’s definition of success. As a father of three young children, Spencer is a busy guy at home and at work.




Techniques to cure social anxiety

These techniques can help you cope with social anxiety at work events

By: Mary Bowerman via USA Today

Do you try to avoid work events that require socializing? And cringe at the thought of giving a presentation or talking to an executive at your company? When it comes to social anxiety at work, you aren't alone. Social media is filled with people lamenting their battle with social anxiety at the work and work-related events.


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