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Posted by Amy Alvarez on 10.10.2017

Here’s Why Recruiting Firms and HR Can be BFFs

HR and Recruiting Firm Partnerships

When HR and Recruiting Firms work together as a team, it’s a beautiful thing. Here’s a quick look at just some of the goodness that results. 

We give a little, get a little. Recruiting firms make HR look good and this works in reverse. Recruiting firms fill the open positions with qualified candidates, enabling HR to focus on their day-to-day responsibilities without losing valuable time to actively recruit. In turn, recruiting firms often end up with a client they can trust that passes along repeat business and recommends them to hiring managers in other departments to fill new job openings.

We have each other’s back. Recruiting firms only want to help HR succeed. They recommend the best, most qualified candidates so that the hiring managers are impressed and everyone is happy. And when a strong working relationship has been established, HR is more inclined to advocate for the firm’s recommended candidate when dealing with a tough hiring manager.

We share what we know. In today’s ever changing regulatory environment, it is great to share knowledge and insight about new laws, regulations, federal and state mandates, immigration laws and the list goes on. We’re in this together and we can help each other effectively navigate through these sometimes-murky waters.

We both benefit from referrals. Your HR connection may know of someone or a company that could use a recruiting firm’s assistance. If the relationship is solid, they may be more apt to pass along that opportunity. On the other side, if for example, your HR contact is a Contractor and needs a job when the contract expires, the recruiting firm can help them find a new role. So, then the process and the opportunity to work together again can start all over.

Truly a good recruiting firm partner only has the best interests of the HR contact/team at heart. We really can be your BFF. Let’s chat if you’d like to see what Linium Recruiting can do to enhance and amplify your recruiting efforts.


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bioHS_amyF.pngAmy Alvarez, Director – Talent Acquisition 

Amy has spent more than 20 years in the world of recruiting helping professionals find great jobs and companies find a good match to add to their team. Being organized has led to success and happiness in both her personal and professional life. She likes to spend time with family and friends, travel and watch movies. To date, Amy’s favorite place to visit has been Rome, Italy.

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