Success Story

Global Company Serving Health and Human-Services Agencies

Revenue: $1.7 billion

13,000+ Employees

Headquarters: Virginia

Grow confidently with Linium's proven hiring process and methodology.
Applicants located and reviewed
Temporary employees placed
Accomplished in a two-month time frame

The Challenge

In the summer of 2013, Linium was contracted to work with this business to solve its hiring-capacity problem. It had developed a very large call center in Albany, New York to support New York State's Health Care Exchange and needed hundreds of temporary employees to support this complex endeavor.

The Solution

Linium’s team of experienced recruiters rely on a proven methodology that facilitates their capacity to recruit a high-volume staff efficiently and productively. For two months during that summer, they located, screened and tested the skills of more than 400 applicants. 

The Results

As a result of Linium's efforts, more than 200 employees were successfully placed in the call center, allowing it to operate smoothly to this day. Linium continues to deliver on this contract with ongoing employment services as needed. At any given time, between 50 and 100 temporary employees working for the call center were recruited by Linium.