Business Growth & Staffing FAQs

Common Questions from Employers

Q: What companies do you work with?

A: We provide recruitment services to numerous industries. Our client base consists of local owned business to Fortune 500 companies. Our recruiters have a wide range of experience with many levels of candidates. Whether you’re in need of an administrative professional or a software developer, we have a wide reach in the recruitment space and our candidate pool is continually growing. 

Q: What kind of positions can you help fill?

A: Linium’s recruiters specialize in many areas to include Information Technology, Science and Professional roles. Professional roles include but are not limited to Administrative and Customer Support, Human Resources, Accounting, Financial Services, Procurement, Sales, Operations and Management. We can assist you in filling a temporary need or a long term permanent opening. An initial discussion with a Linium representative will help us understand your needs, and allow us to give you a realistic answer as to whether or not the position is something Linium can assist with.

Q: What happens if a candidate is not working out after we hire them?

A: Linium provides a replacement guarantee on all hires. If it is a direct hire role, we will replace the employee at no additional cost to you. If it is a temporary employee, if you are unsatisfied in the first 3 days of employment, we will not charge you for their services and find you a suitable replacement as quickly as possible.

Q: Do you do any pre-hire testing?

A: Yes! We utilize an online program that provides well over 1,000 validated assessments for clerical, software, call center, behavioral, financial, healthcare, industrial and technical job classifications. Results are sent directly to the recruiters and an in depth report can be provided to any hiring manager. Linium also utilizes on online employment verification and reference check system. This system created by scientists and experts in the field, provides not only employment verification but predictive analysis on how the applicant will perform in the role they have applied for.

Q: How fast can you fill this position?

A: With each individual recruitment request being unique our recruiting process will vary. The time to fill a position can vary as well. After we have gathered all necessary information on the role & your organization and our agreements are in place our recruitment process will begin. There are also multiple factors to weigh in when recruiting for an opening, such as our current pipeline for a particular skill set, market conditions, our clients response time and hiring cycle, etc. Our goal is to present qualified, screened temporary candidates in 3 days or less for temporary roles and ideally you will have candidates to review in 5 days or less for direct hire permanent roles. If it is an urgent need such as a next day temporary need, we will do our best to align a qualified candidate immediately or advise you of your best course of action.

Q: What struggles have you been experiencing in your search for candidates?

A: Depending upon the role, there could be many factors that could affect our search. As your trusted partner we will communicate them to you as they arise and discuss how to address them together to find you the best match as quickly as possible.

Examples of challenges that may arise include:

  • Skill sets sought require employment sponsorship such as a visa
  • The experience requested does not match the salary being offered
  • Skills required may be dated or very scarce in the region
  • Relocation costs
  • Telecommuting options/flexibility
  • Sometimes heavy travel positions decrease the candidate pool

Q: Who do you have in your pipeline?

A: Our recruiters focus on the most highly sought after skill sets and experiences. We proactively recruit candidates regularly in an effort to anticipate our client’s needs. Each recruiter will have screened candidates available ranging in skills and abilities including: Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, Office Support, Pharmaceutical Science and Information Technology. Although we cannot guarantee a candidate will be in our pipeline for a specific role, we do have access to hundreds of screened candidates in our database to fill a wide variety of positions.

Q: Who gives the offer letter to a candidate- client or Linium?

A: Linium, unless otherwise directed. When an affirmative decision is made on a candidate, our client should first contact Linium directly with the offer details. For a temporary employment where Linium will be the employer, Linium will reach out on the client’s behalf to extend the offer and make arrangements for the new employee to complete the necessary onboarding paperwork and confirm a start date. For a direct hire position, Linium will contact the candidate to extend the verbal offer. After acceptance, a client may contact the candidate directly to send the offer letter and make arrangements for onboarding. We are happy to work with you if you prefer to extend the initial offer directly or have Linium representative assist in any other parts of the offer. At any time this can be discussed as we strive to be flexible based on our client’s requests.

Q: How fast should I expect resumes?

A: Our goal is to present qualified, screened temporary candidates in 3 days or less for temporary roles and ideally you will have candidates to review in 5 days or less for direct hire permanent roles. If it is an urgent need such as a next day temporary need, we will do our best to align a qualified candidate immediately or advise you of your best course of action.

For direct hire roles, our goal is to send you 3-5 qualified candidates within the first week. For temporary positions, it depends on the skills required and the terms of the project or assignment. In any case, we work diligently to send you resumes as quickly as possible. In every case, we keep our clients informed of our progress and will quickly notify you as we encounter difficulties and we will work together to find a solution that will meet our client’s needs.

Q: How does your recruiting and staffing process work?

A: We have a vast vetting process with our potential candidates. Once an applicant is sourced, whether they have applied or are contacted by a recruiter we consider them for all of our current job opportunities. Once a candidate is taken into consideration we invite them to meet with a recruiter for an in person interview or a video interview. During the interview process the applicant is asked a series of questions ranging from situational, behavioral or straightforward interview questions. These questions will help us to determine what types of opportunities are a match and get a deeper understanding of what they’re looking for. Based on this we will discuss with the applicant any positions that may be a fit. If the applicant is interested in a job opportunity we send their resume directly to our client on their behalf and start the reference and computer assessment process. From there we act as a liaison between clients and candidates through the entire process to share feedback, schedule interviews and discuss & present job offers.

Q: How do you screen your candidates?

A: Linium takes a very personal approach when sourcing for candidates and assisting potential jobseekers. We feel that it is very important to meet with potential candidates and job seekers in person. Whether it’s an in person meeting at or a video meeting using cutting-edge, video meeting software, candidates will receive one-on-one time with a member of our talent acquisition team. This gives us an opportunity to not only assess skills and experience, but also allows us to get to know our candidates and the type of culture and work environment that is the best fit for them.

We utilize a variety of online computer testing options to assess candidate skill levels in everything from the Microsoft Office Suite to Programming, Accounting and Data Entry skills. Linium also uses on online references checking system, which uses predictive indicators to assess success in future positions. In addition, we also offer the option to run full background checks and drug test testing if desired.

Q: Define a temporary placement?

A: A temporary placement is when an employer needs an employee for a limited period of time based on the needs of the employer's organization. The length of a temporary placement can be days, weeks, months and sometimes years.  The recruitment firm sources and retains the employee of their payroll during the temporary placement. All risk, liability and insurance coverage is covered by the employing recruitment firm.

Q: Define a temporary to perm placement?

A: Temporary to perm placement assignments simply means an employee is eligible to become a full time employee/direct hire after a pre-set temporary time frame has concluded. The recruitment firm sources and retains the employee on their payroll during the temporary assignment and if the position goes permanent the candidate becomes an employee of the said organization. There are many reasons employers choose this arrangement. Sometimes employers like a time frame to ensure they made a good match, sometimes it’s to see if the work warrants a new permanent role and sometimes it can be due to budget constraints.

Q: Define a direct hire placement?

A: Direct hire positions are permanent positions that can be full time or part time. A direct hire position is one in which the client company utilizes a third party recruitment firm to find the talent, then hires them directly as their employee for a placement fee. Placement fees are contingent based and all placements are backed with our Linium guarantee.

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My company has used Linium when we’ve had temporary and permanent placement needs. I have found their staff to be extremely professional and pleasant to work with. Our business is very fast paced, so the efficiency in which they’ve identified and presented high quality temp and permanent candidates has been very helpful. They are fast, efficient, and seem to immediately understand what we need. I’m very satisfied with my experience with Linium and look forward to continuing a positive relationship!quote

HR Manager, Clarus Marketing

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