Right Fit Recruitment Program

Our recruitment process requires the right fit, or no fit at all.

Hiring someone who doesn’t fit into your company culture is costly. Your time, money and resources should be used to find the Right Fit, the first time.

Finding an advantageous and productive match between a candidate and an employer goes beyond just comparing a resume to a job description. The truth is that there has to be a culture fit as well. We work hard to understand our clients' work culture before anything else. Conservative or artsy, formal or casual, your environment says a lot about who your optimal employees are. 

We have the vision to look beyond past experience and consider candidate qualities such as work style, leadership ability and character in order to deliver top talent.


What is the right fit program? 

Our recruitment agency begins by interviewing you before we start interviewing potential candidates. You will be assigned to both a recruiter and an account manager, who together serve as your designated team. They get to know your company with onsite cultural assessments,  facility tours (if applicable), and ongoing, open communication with you and your team. Before we even look at a resume, we become an expert of your workplace and culture. Once this is completed, we conduct meetings or conference calls to learn about the intricacies of each position, understand the desired qualities of your optimal candidates and speak to the people with whom the candidate would work and interact. 

By asking probing questions, we ensure that our recruitment experts place the most talented, productive and culturally sound employee for the organization. At all stages of the process, we encourage client feedback, both positive and negative. It is important to have an open dialogue to ensure we are refining our search to find the exact talent match for the open position.

Our work is not over when a candidate is placed. We continue to follow up with the hiring managers and candidates several times after the start date to ensure expectations are being met by both parties. In doing so, we help assist with the onboarding process, training and taking action immediately if issues arise.


My company has used Linium when we’ve had temporary and permanent placement needs. I have found their staff to be extremely professional and pleasant to work with. Our business is very fast paced, so the efficiency in which they’ve identified and presented high quality temp and permanent candidates has been very helpful. They are fast, efficient, and seem to immediately understand what we need. I’m very satisfied with my experience with Linium and look forward to continuing a positive relationship!quote

HR Manager, Clarus Marketing

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