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jobseekers-workstyle-options Our recruiters specialize in finding the right fit for you from hundreds of career opportunities across many areas and industries. From senior vice presidents and directors, to receptionists and entry-level analysts; from skilled labor to the back-office operations of Wall Street, we have promising career opportunities to offer for all levels of experience.

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Flexible Work Style Options

What you do every day should mean something to you. It should challenge you, inspire you, and leave you with a sense of fulfillment. That’s why it’s so important for us to get to know you first, we want to understand your experience, work style preferences, and career aspirations. We offer a range of job offerings that best match your needs, schedule, and style: 

Direct Hire 

Our direct-hire applicants are those seeking permanent employment in a new company or role.

Temp to Hire

With our temp-to-hire program, we find an employer that has a temporary project that matches your skill set and offers the potential for permanent employment. This process gives you a chance to evaluate the employer and consider whether you see yourself growing confidently in their environment.

Temp & Contract

Whether you find yourself with a free block of time or want to test the waters of a new industry you've always been curious about, our temp and contract positions can set you up with fulfilling, door-opening opportunities. We offer affordable, ACA-compliant medical insurance to qualified temporary and contract candidates and can also provide paid time-off based on hours worked.

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I cannot thank you the hard-working people at Linium enough for finding me such an excellent opportunity for learning and professional growth with this world-class biopharmaceutical company/top-rated employer!quote

- Mark T., Linium Candidate

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